Love your guts—Digestive Health

Digestive Issues (gas, bloating and belching, low energy, constipation, diarrhea and pebbly poops, skin issues, yeast infections, food sensitivities, hemorrhoids, etc.) start feeling better and enjoying your life!

Whole Food Weight Loss

Whole weight loss is designed to help you shed those pesky pounds while gaining health! Weight loss alone does not always equate health, but with Whole Weight Loss it does! The goal is to nourish your body, not deprive it.
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Travel Right

Does work take you away from home? Do you live out of a suitcase? Do you enjoy going on holiday with family and friends? Exploring other parts of the world? If so, then you want to Travel Right. I have melded together my nutritional expertise with my first-hand experience traveling for leisure and for work as a flight attendant. This program spells it out for you don’t have to skip out on the next cool adventure, dread going on holiday or come home sick and tired!

Clean up your Eating

Looking to improve your existing diet to a healthy eating plan focused on whole foods? Clean eating will give energy you haven’t known before, reduce cravings, get you sick less.

Learning Vegan

Have you ever wondered about plant-based nutrition and if you it could work for you? Are you unsure of where to start? Learning Vegan is a user-friendly program that walks you through Vegan fundamentals. This is meant to take the guess work out of the equation and leave you feeling confident that you can create balanced meals daily or weekly, or occasionally.