We are fortunate to have had you make us feel better every day even though we are getting older. The new way of looking at nutrition that you introduced us to has helped our daughter Jessica, my wife Sue and myself.

Our hearts liver, lungs etc all want to shout and cheer you!

When it came to foods we were losers! We used to say that if it wasn't for losers like us there could not be winners like you Nathalie.

Now we can say if there wasn't winners like you, there would not be winners like us!

Sue & Bob,

I've lived an active lifestyle for most of my life. Before Nathalie, I thought I had a solid idea about healthy eating and making sound nutritional choices. Nathalie helped take my understanding to a higher level. After doing it my way for so long, it was difficult to make what seemed to be drastic lifestyle changes. Nathalie provided sound advice and guidance which helped make my transition that much easier.

I now understand the benefits of incorporating more vegetables into my diet, and more importantly, why consuming large amounts of meat and dairy can be harmful to my health in the long run.

Today I feel as good as I've ever felt, and I know the changes I've made will keep me going strong well into my senior years! I owe that to Nathalie.


Nathalie has been an endless source of information and inspiration whenever I need it. She has walked me through incorporating a nutritious food plan into my daily life. She clearly explained the importance in balancing my meals to balance my hormones.

Nathalie showed me how to food shop, prepare balanced meals, make healthy choices when eating out, and how to eat while traveling. Her enthusiasm and expertise continue to be invaluable to me on a daily basis.


Nathalie has a wealth of invaluable knowledge that will teach you the tools you need to improve your overall health. I am confident to say you won't find many with her level of dedication and attentiveness to your needs.

You won't regret taking the steps to better health with her by your side!