Hello there, Busy Body!

I’m Nathalie Garcia, your Holistic Nutritionist at Healthy on the Fly. I created Healthy on the Fly to help guide you to better health while navigating your demanding schedule. As a holistic nutritionist and flight attendant, I know about challenging schedules. In the early days of my flying career, I was struggling to find a way to be healthy while working this exciting yet challenging job.

I was eating out every day, living off caffeine and sugar, unable to sleep and tired all the time! Does any of this sound familiar?

More than that, I had pimples & eczema, I was bloated & constipated, and I was gaining weight. Can you relate?

I became increasingly irritable, easily frazzled, and at times, unpleasant. Does a crazy day or week trigger some of these emotions?

I needed to figure out my health and I needed to figure it out yesterday!

Around the same time, we had an illness in the family. He was the youngest person close to me that I had ever seen suffer. His illness, and ultimately his death, lead me to a search for answers. I started reading anything and everything about health.

I quickly realized that our bodies are phenomenal, complex organism and they are designed to heal themselves, if given the opportunity. Why wasn’t I giving my body the opportunity to get better? I was not about to wait until my health deteriorated further. This was my moment.

Although it was challenging (to say the least) to make healthy decisions while at 40,000 feet or while traveling, I had to make it work – and I did! I found tricks to make the life I wanted fit into the life I had. Today, after having struggled to find my own balance within a busy and ever-changing schedule, I am committed and qualified to guiding you on your journey to better living.

The tools and tricks I have for you are portable and can go with you wherever your next adventure takes you.

— Nathalie

Healthy on the Fly is your chance to...

  • sleep better
  • get sick less
  • get a hold of your cravings
  • lose weight
  • relieve constipation
  • bloat less
  • have glowing skin
  • improve your mood
  • improve your digestion
  • increase your energy
  • stabalize your hormones
  • remember better
  • learn how to eat anywhere
  • learn what to pack for success
  • get healthy and happy!